turning on software flow control for uart
[avr-crypto-lib.git] / test_src / config.h
2015-02-08 bgturning on software flow control for uart
2015-02-06 bgfixing E-Mail-Address & Copyright
2014-12-30 bgadjusting test system debug uart reference
2012-04-18 bgsome fixes, mainly at rsaes-pkcs1v15
2012-03-14 bga lot of fixes
2011-09-02 bgoptimized xtea asm implementation
2011-07-11 bgadding Salsa20
2010-12-17 bg+small jh
2009-11-28 bgfixing some warnings (AES); simplifyning AES headers...
2009-10-22 bgtweak for BMW
2009-08-06 bgnew makefile and modified build process
2009-07-30 bgbig bug fixed, still some problems with flow control
2009-07-29 bgforgotten files