2015-01-25 bgfixing some decryption bugs in GCM128
2015-01-22 bg+gcm128
2014-12-30 bgadjusting test system debug uart reference
2014-12-30 bgadjusting test system uart reference
2014-12-30 bgadjusting make-system for AEAD-Ciphers
2014-12-30 bgnew AEAD-Cipher: norx (32 bit only at the moment)
2014-12-30 bgsmall optimizations to sha2 / sha256
2014-08-25 bgnew keysize documentation in reStructuredText-format
2014-08-25 bgnew hashes documentation in reStructuredText-format
2014-08-22 bgtesting new docu in reStructuredText
2014-07-08 bgfixing ecdsa signature generation (stupid me confused... bigint2-dev
2014-07-08 bgC-code for gf256-multiplication in comment
2014-07-08 bgsupporting division test for bigint2
2014-06-29 bgfirst publication of bigint2-dev
2014-04-08 bgminimal edit
2014-02-22 bgbug fixing and support for malloc instead of stack...
2014-02-18 bggcd now can also use heap memory
2014-02-17 bgforgot to reactivate mongomery-speedup
2014-02-16 bgbug fixing and support for malloc instead of stack...
2014-02-15 bgfixing problem with shifting 0
2014-02-14 bgimproving bigint stuff and fixing problems for 32-bit...
2013-09-20 bgkeccak improvments
2013-09-20 bgsome minor space adjustments
2013-09-20 bgintroducing new tests for Montgomery-reduction based...
2013-09-20 bgchanging some types from uint16_t to size_t
2013-09-20 bgsome style adjustments
2013-09-19 bgadding Montgomery-multiplication stuff and better squar...
2013-02-25 bg[performance-report] whitespace editing
2013-02-25 bg[performance-reports] switching to printf
2013-02-17 bgglobal style change (now * is attached to identifier...
2013-02-17 bg[ecdsa] some progress but still unfinished
2013-02-17 bgoptimization of reduce for small delta
2013-01-20 bg[keccak-testvectors] updated to latest release
2013-01-20 bg[keccak-asm] final changes
2013-01-20 bg[sha1-asm] fixing bug when *_lastBlock is used to hash...
2013-01-20 bg[shavs-test-suite] fixing bug with wrong reported buffe...
2013-01-14 bg[keccak-asm] applying quick-fix
2013-01-13 bg[keccak-asm] *_lastBlock in asm
2013-01-12 bg[keccak-asm] clean up
2013-01-12 bg[keccak-asm] *_init in asm
2013-01-12 bg[keccak-asm] *_ctx2hash in asm
2013-01-12 bg[keccak-c] fixing
2013-01-11 bg[keccak-asm] removing unnecessary c and d fields from...
2013-01-02 bg[keccak-asm] keccak_ctx2hash in asm
2013-01-01 bg[keccak-asm] keccak_nextBlock in asm
2012-12-27 bg[keccak-asm] improving last block handling (reducing...
2012-12-27 bg[make system] correct hashing of hex file and better...
2012-12-27 bg[avr-asm-macros.S] supress listing of avr/io.h include
2012-12-27 bg[keccak-asm] improving last block handling (reducing...
2012-12-26 bg[keccak-asm] removing rotate64 from asm build
2012-12-26 bg[keccak-asm] keccak_f1600 in asm
2012-12-26 bg[keccak-asm] chi in asm
2012-12-26 bg[keccak-asm] rho & pi in asm
2012-12-18 bgprogress in asm version of keccak (theta now in asm)
2012-12-18 bgwhitespace inseration
2012-12-18 bgprogress in asm version of keccak
2012-12-17 bgfirst steps to keccak in asm
2012-12-08 bgAES code reformatting
2012-11-14 bgadding hashing of final hex file to make-system
2012-11-14 bgforgotten files
2012-11-14 bgform changes (nothing of importance)
2012-11-14 bgfixing and extending ecdsa
2012-09-29 bgfixing bigint
2012-09-29 bgmore ecc stuff
2012-09-18 bgnist P-192 optimized recude for ecdsa
2012-09-18 bgsome minor improvments and bug fixes
2012-09-07 bgchanging length_B to length_W to reflect earlier changes
2012-08-26 bgsome files were not adapted in the previous commit
2012-08-26 bgswitching to new main-*-test layout and to stdio streams
2012-08-25 bgswitching from avr911 to usbasp
2012-08-25 bgfixing bug introduced during transition to main-test...
2012-08-25 bgstart switching to stdio streams
2012-06-20 bgnew skipjack test
2012-04-25 bgpresent looks better now (using unverified testvectors)
2012-04-18 bgsome fixes, mainly at rsaes-pkcs1v15
2012-04-03 bgadded rsa pkcs#1 v1.5 encryption
2012-04-02 bgadding SHA-2 (now complete) in C
2012-03-28 bgsyncing with bzr
2012-03-28 bgsome minor adjustments
2012-03-28 bgremoving old rsa
2012-03-28 bgforgotten file(s)
2012-03-28 bgforgotten file(s)
2012-03-28 bgadding RSA-OAEP
2012-03-15 bgfixing skipjack
2012-03-14 bgforgotten file
2012-03-14 bgforgotten file
2012-03-14 bgmoving of A5/1
2012-03-14 bgforgotten file
2012-03-14 bgforgotten file
2012-03-14 bgforgotten file
2012-03-14 bgsmall fix
2012-03-14 bga lot of fixes
2012-02-28 bgupgraded svn
2012-02-28 bgrm bin/
2011-09-02 bgoptimized xtea asm implementation
2011-07-12 bgnew mk-stub for Rabbit with estream modifications
2011-07-12 bgfirst impression of Rabbit
2011-07-11 bgadding Salsa20
2011-07-11 bgbug fix + docu
2011-07-05 bgquickfix(tm) applied